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10 Things Everyone Who Has Moved Away From Jacksonville Will Miss At Least Once

Moving away from Jacksonville is a hard thing to do, even if you don’t realize it until well after you’ve left. This unique city is unlike anywhere else in the world, whether it’s the beach, great restaurants or much more, there’s a lot to miss. Here are ten things everyone who has moved away from Jacksonville has thought of at least once.


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10. Awesome Leisure Activities

Your leisurely activities have never been the same since you left Jax. You find yourself missing winding down with a drink at one of the many haunted bars in your home city, or hanging at all of those outside cocktail parties, or the cheap ballpark beer prices you haven’t seen anywhere else.



9. The Word-Class Golf

Even if you were never really a fan, you can now easily carry on a conversation about golf. Being surrounded by so many golf courses and avid golfers growing up, you know the lingo and how to play the game. That doesn’t mean you’ll be teeing off anytime soon.  



8. Jags Football

There’s a moment after you move away from Jacksonville when you realize you’ve been saying Jaguars wrong your whole life. You’ve been pronouncing it “Jag-wires”, along with everyone else from back home. You don’t think you’ll change your ways now, and you’ll always be a “Jag-wires” fan.  

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7. Knowing Your Neighbors

Jax, though the biggest city in the US by land mass, is a place where the community is important. You’ll miss knowing your neighbors by name and that tight-knit community feel.

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6. All of the Eats

You’re surprised when you come across a restaurant that is open late because back when you living in Jacksonville you were hard pressed to find a place that was open past 10 pm. You’re also surprised at how expensive it is anywhere else, compared to the very affordable food scene in Jax.


5. Shopping at St. Johns Town Center

When you can’t find something you’re looking for, you’ll miss the St. Johns Town Center. It was always your go-to place to find anything and everything, even things you didn’t even think you needed. Every time you’re back in town you’ll come up with an excuse to head to this shopping haven.

chicken and waffles

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4. Chicken and Waffles

You can find great food and good drinks anywhere in the world, but there are some things that Jacksonville just does better than anyone else, like chicken and waffles. There’s also that distinct smell of coffee coming from the Maxwell House plant. Not to mention the numerous delicious beers found at Engine 15 Brewing Company.  

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3. Enjoying Endless Summer

After a couple of chilly days in Jacksonville, you would start saying that you were sick of winter. But now that you’re living somewhere else, you can’t help but think that you took the wonderful weather for granted, and you start to miss those windy days and those colder evenings.

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2. Beautiful Scenery

Wherever you go, you’ll miss the miles and miles of coastline that Jacksonville offers. Sure, there are beaches in many other places in the world, but none are as relaxing as the ones found in Jax. There’s a sense of peace and quiet that you’ll always look back on fondly and want to revisit again and again.



1. The Place That Raised You

One thing that all people who have moved away from Jacksonville have thought of at least once in moving back to this exceptional city. Sometimes you’ll find yourself wondering why you ever left in the first place, but you’ll always consider yourself lucky to call Jacksonville your home.

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