Wednesday, 3 May 2017

10 Things You Must Know About Dating Someone From Jacksonville

If you’re lucky enough to be dating someone from Jacksonville, you’re in for a good time. They are some of the most fun-loving people in the country, and they’ll make sure every day spent with them is filled with excitement. They’ll make you a healthy and happier person, just by being around their infectious personalities. Here are ten things you must know about dating someone from Jacksonville.

10. Work Hard

People from Jacksonville are always having fun, but they know when it’s time to buckle down and get to work. They’re very hard-working individuals who take their jobs seriously when it’s necessary. Your significant other is passionate, driven, and great at their job, which is extremely attractive.

9. Play Hard

play hard


They may be hard-working people, but they know how to let loose. You’ll find yourself being invited to many parties and social outings with your partner, and even on nights where you want to stay home with Netflix, you’ll be dragged out of the house by your social butterfly of a partner.

8. Dates at the Microbrewery



Once you start dating someone from Jacksonville, you’ll start spending more and more time at Jacksonville’s popular microbreweries. Why? Because they’re everyone from Jax’s favorite hangout spot. And before you know it you’ll probably even start making your own brews.

7. Beach Bodies

beach bodies


There’s no denying your better half looks good in a bathing suit. And you’ll definitely be spending a lot of time at the beach if you’re dating someone from Jacksonville. They grew up on those beaches, so they know how to rock a swimsuit. Lucky you.

6. Workout Buddies

workout couple

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There’s a reason they have those great beach bodies! You’ll start hitting the gym more often thanks to your significant other’s healthy habits. Even if you’re not a fan of working out, you’ll enjoy watching your partner sweat, and exercising will quickly become a bigger part of your daily routine.  

5. Family is Important

family dinner

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Dating someone from Jacksonville means you’re dating their whole family. That’s just the way it is, everyone knows everyone’s business. But you don’t mind because their family is probably awesome. They are from Jacksonville, after all.

4. Loyalty

loyal couple

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If you’re significant other calls Jax home, then you know they’re as loyal as can be. Just look at their pride and passion for the Jaguars. If they’re as big of a fan of you as they are of their football team, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

3. Water Related Activities

couple on jet ski

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Your partner grew up near the water, so of course, they’re comfortable with any and every water related activity. Get ready for a lot of time spent swimming, boating, kayaking, and whatever else they’re into. It’s what you sign up for when you date someone born in Florida.

2. Southern Food

southern food

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Your belly will thank you for dating someone from Jacksonville because they know how to cook up some good Southern food. They know their way around a kitchen and you’ll be more than impressed. You’ll also never be able to eat fried chicken made by anyone else, it just won’t be as good because it won’t be made with love.

1. Chilling Out

relaxing couple

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If there’s one thing that people from Jacksonville excel at, it’s knowing how to slow down and chill out. Your significant other will be easy-going 99% of the time, which will help you relax when you need it the most. They’ll teach you how to stop and smell the roses, and you’ll be a better person because of it.

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