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7 Food Trucks Everyone in Jacksonville Has to Try

food trucks in jacksonville

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The food truck scene in Jacksonville is booming, with popular spots that are showcasing numerous eclectic eats from all over the world. Whether you’re in the mood for tacos, pizza, or anything else in between, there’s a food truck in Jax that’s waiting for you to track them down. Here are seven food trucks that everyone in Jacksonville has to try.

7. Fusion

Fusion is a fitting name for a food truck that features Indian, Thai, and Mediterranean cuisine. Their ‘Drunken Noodles’ dish, comprised of rice noodles that are sautéed with a sweet and spicy sauce, garlic Thai chili, onion, bell peppers, bean sprouts, and basil. Their beef and lamb gyros are also popular menu items. You’ll be satisfied regardless of what you order.

6. Eddis & Sons

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Eddis and Sons specializes in legendary steak sandwiches and hoagies. Whether or not you’re from Philly, you’ll appreciate the food this truck is serving up. Go for the ‘Classic Cheesesteak’ made with hand cut steak. Or try something different, like ‘The Jawn’, a veggie sandwich featuring wheat protein, mushrooms, and roasted peppers.

5. Mr. Taco

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If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food on the go, look no further than Mr. Taco. This food truck has you covered if you’re craving tacos, burritos, quesadillas, ensaladas, tostadas, nachos, or fajitas. The options are endless, so we won’t judge you for ordering a few items off of their menu.

4. Pie95

Pie95 is the pizza lover’s dream food truck. ‘The Bianca’ has toppings like mozzarella cheese, garlic, oregano, and lemon zest. ‘The Salad’ does something a little different with mixed greens, onions, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, and balsamic. All made on drool-worthy thin and crispy crust. You can even build your own pie!

3. JoyShtick

Coolest food truck ever…YOU CAN PLAY MARIO, GUYS!!!

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JoyShtick is a video-game themed food truck, offering up good food at great prices. The menu is extensive and fun, with dishes like fried buffalo cauliflower, chicken tenders breaded with cool ranch Doritos, and a ground chuck and bacon patty on a roll with pepper jelly and arugula.

2. The Happy Grilled Cheese

The Happy Grilled Cheese is a crowd favorite in Jacksonville. Your go-to comfort food comes in many different varietals at this food truck. The ‘Apple Swiss Melt’ is comprised of Swiss cheese, apples, and grilled onions. While the ‘Crunch Melt’ boasts American and cheddar cheeses, mac and cheese, bacon, and potato chips!

1. What’s The Catch?

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If you love seafood, you’ll love the What’s The Catch? food truck. Located in Jacksonville Beach, their delicious tacos feature grilled grouper, fried shrimp, Ahi tuna, or catfish. Speaking of catfish, this joint is known for their Southern fried catfish. It’s a must-try!

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